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Actual status of fishing reserves of the Yesil River

Kurzhykayev, ZhumagazySyzdykov, KuanyshAssylbekova, AinurSabdinova, DinaraFefelov, Viktor

In this article, the study and prediction of the state of fish resources in the Yesil River was carried out to determine the boundary reference points of the reserve and management decisions in case they are exceeded, to ensure sustainable fisheries and preserve biological diversity. Ichthyological studies, retrospective analyses and rankings of the effects of the water supply of the Yesil River on fish stocks have been carried out, critical values of the biomass of fishing reserves have been determined, as criteria for biologically safe fishing values and targets for management of fish stocks at reaching the boundary values of 24.03 tonnes have been established. According to the results of studies of basic biological indicators, it was determined that roach, bream, pike and perch populations each had an LC50 above LM50, which indicates their low utilization in the fishery industry. A strategy for management of fish stocks, recommendations for the conservation of fishery resources and their rational use has been developed as a result of these findings. The list and status of the monitored indicators for the careful management of fish stocks, as well as a list and indicators of the boundary indicators for the state of fish stocks, was established. These parameters included the fish size of 50% of the sampled fish and 50% of maturity achieved, where the LC50 was observed in the fish in question from 19 to 45.4 cm and LM50 from 12.3 to 41 cm, respectively. The minimum and maximum river levels that ranged from 111 up to 159 cm, as well as the critical value of the commercial reserve, corresponded to the boundary value of 24.03 tonnes. The results of this work will serve as the basis for making future managerial decisions, necessary for sustainable fisheries and conservation of the biological diversity of the Yesil River.(AU)

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