Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

New species, new records, and a key to the Brazilian species of Gelanor (Araneae: Mimetidae)

Rodrigues, Everton Nei LopesBuckup, Erica HelenaBrescovit, Antonio Domingos

Gelanor Thorell, 1969 comprises 11 Neotropical species. In this paper, two new species are described from Brazil: Gelanor hoga sp. nov., based on males and females from the state of Amazonas, and Gelanor cachimbo sp. nov., based on males from the state of Pará. Additionally, new records from Brazil are provided for Gelanor altithorax Keyserling, 1893, Gelanor consequus O. P.-Cambridge, 1902, Gelanor juruti Benavides & Hormiga, 2016, Gelanor latus (Keyserling, 1881), Gelanor waorani Benavides & Hormiga, 2016 and Gelanor zonatus (C.L. Koch, 1845) and a key to the Brazilian species and illustrations are provided.(AU)

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