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Description of three new species of Quadriacanthus (Monogenea: Ancyrocephalidae) gill parasites of Clarias submarginatus (Siluriformes: Clariidae) from Lake Ossa (Littoral region, Cameroon)

Bahanak, Dieu ne dortNack, JacquesPariselle, AntoineBilong, Charles F. Bilong

Clariidae is a group that includes many species that have great economic importance in both fisheries and fish culture. Monogenean parasites of fishes assigned to this family have been studied in Cameroon, but there have been no studies on Clarias submarginatus Peter, 1882, a fish that is traditionally consumed by the local people. The examination of 43 specimens identified as C. submarginatus from Lake Ossa (first record of this fish species in the Sanaga basin), revealed that some of them belong to Quadriacanthus and are new. Their identification was made based on the morphology and the size of sclerotized parts of the haptor and the male and female copulatory complexes. Quadriacanthus macruncus Bahanak, Nack & Pariselle sp. nov. and Quadriacanthus submarginati Bahanak, Nack & Pariselle sp. nov. are characterized by the morphology of their accessory piece, pointed, slightly curved and wider at medium level, equipped with two subterminal, symmetrical and similar spines for Q. macruncus sp. nov. and made up of one long tip flanked by a short spine and a bulb for Q . submarginati sp. nov., while Quadriacanthus ossaensis Bahanak, Nack & Pariselle sp. nov. is distinguished by the unique morphology of the penis, ending in a fork. The new species of Quadriacanthus are herein described and their host specificity is discussed.(AU)

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