Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

A new species of Campylothorax (Collembola: Paronellidae: Paronellinae) from Northern Brazil

Santos, Inaura P. da SilvaCipola, Nikolas GMorais, José W. deBellini, Bruno C

Campylothorax viruaensis sp. nov., a new species of paronellid springtail from the Amazon Rainforest, state of Roraima, Brazil, is herein described and illustrated. The new species is characterized by: pale yellow body with dark blue pigment on abdomen III and IV; dorsal chaetotaxy presenting S5i macrochaeta on head, mesothorax with 6-8 macrochaetae in p1-4 complex; A5 as macro or microchaeta on abdomen IV; collophore anterior side with 4+4 anterior long chaetae; and mucro with five teeth. Other characteristics usually omitted in traditional descriptions for the genus are presented such as morphology of apical region of third and fourth antennal segments, labial papillae, chaetotaxy of subcoxae, collophore, abdomen V and ventral region of head. Trunk specialized chaetae (S-chaetae) are also presented. Campylothorax viruaensis sp. nov. is the fourth record of Campylothorax from Brazil, the second from the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and the first from the state of Roraima.(AU)

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