Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

A protocol for measuring spatial variables in soft-sediment tide pools

Brenha-Nunes, Marina RContente, Riguel FRossi-Wongtschowski, Carmen L. D. B

We present a protocol for measuring spatial variables in large (>50 m2) soft-sediment tide pool. Secondarily, we present the fish capture efficiency of a sampling protocol that based on such spatial variables to calculate relative abundances. The area of the pool is estimated by summing areas of basic geometric forms; the depth, by taken representative measurements of the depth variability of each pool's sector, previously determined according to its perimeter; and the volume, by considering the pool as a prism. These procedures were a trade-off between the acquisition of reliable estimates and the minimization of both the cost of operating and the time spent in field. The fish sampling protocol is based on two con secutive stages: 1) two people search for fishes under structures (e.g., rocks and litters) on the pool and capture them with hand seines; 2) these structures are removed and then a beach-seine is hauled over the whole pool. Our method is cheaper than others and fast to operate considering the time in low tides. The method to sample fish is quite efficient resulting in a capture efficiency of 89%.(AU)

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