Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 485-491

Biotic potential and reproductive parameters of Spodoptera dolichos (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in the laboratory

Montezano, Débora GSosa-Gómez, Daniel RPaula-Moraes, Silvana VRoque-Specht, Vânia FFronza, EdegarBarros, Neiva MSpecht, Alexandre

The biotic potential and reproductive parameters of Spodoptera dolichos (Fabricius, 1794) were evaluated under controlled conditions (25 ± 1°C, 70 ± 10% RH and 14 hour photophase). The longevity, pre-, post- and oviposition periods, fecundity, and fertility of 25 couples were evaluated. The longevity of females (12.9 days) was not significantly different than that of males (12.4 days). The mean durations of the pre-, post- and oviposition periods were 3.0, 0.4 and 10.4 days, respectively. The mean fecundity was 4,086.0 eggs per female and mean fertility was 3,557.8 larvae per female. On average, a female copulated 1.4 times. The biotic potential of S. dolichos was estimated at 7.138 x 1018 individuals/female/year. The net reproductive rate (Ro) was 1,711.98 times per generation and the mean generation time (T) was 56.19 days. The intrinsic rate of increase (rm) was 0.133, with a finite rate of increase (l) of 1.142 per day. These results are compared with other species from Spodoptera and their relevance for management strategies of S. dolichos.(AU)

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