Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 285-311

Revision of the Neotropical Laelius (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae) with notes on some Nearctic species

Barbosa, Diego NAzevedo, Celso O

Laelius Ashmead includes 54 known nominal species worldwide. We present a revision of the Neotropical species of Laelius and provide keys for the identification of males and females of these species. We propose fourteen nomenclatural changes and additions. For the Neotropics, seven new species from Brazil are described and illustrated: Laelius arryni sp. nov. which has clypeus bearing median lobe with apical margin straight; propodeal disc with inner discal carina complete; aedeagus with apical lobes touching each other and inner margin with hook-shaped process, L. baratheoni sp. nov. which has propodeal disc with second pair of discal carinae incomplete; genitalia with paramere wing-shaped; with long setae around the margin and cuspis wide, L. lannisteri sp. nov. which has median lobe of clypeus with apical margin straight; mesopleuron with mesopleural suture distinct; genitalia with paramere slender and angled, cuspis wide, L. martelli sp. nov. which has pronotum with series of foveae posteriorly; genitalia with paramere slender and placed dorsally, aedeagus not reaching apex of paramere, L. targaryeni sp. nov. which has head with clypeus wide and with apical margin rounded; propodeal disc without longitudinal ridge between median and inner discal carinae; forewing with r-rs & Rs longer than Rs+M, L. tullyi sp. nov. which has head densely punctate; pronotal disc, mesoscutum and mesoscutellum rugulose; mesopleuron with mesopleural suture not fused with posterior fovea, L. starki sp. nov. which has mesoscutellar sulcus straight; mesopleuron with all foveae closed; genitalia with paramere club-shaped and with aedeagus wide. For the Nearctic region, Laelius areolatus (Rosmann & Azevedo, 2005) is a new junior synonym of Laelius pedatus (Say, 1836) and lectotypes for L. rufipes Ashmead, 1893, L. nigripilosus Ashmead, 1893, L. tricarinatus Ashmead, 1893, L. trogodermatis Ashmaed, 1893, and Mesitius nigripilosus Ashmead, 1895 are designated. We also propose the name Laelius billi Barbosa & Azevedo nom. nov. for Mesitius nigripilosus Ashmead, 1895 and re-erect Laelius huachucae (Evans, 1965) from L. nigripilosus (Ashmead, 1895). As result, Laelius now includes 61 species, 15 of which are from the Neotropical region.(AU)

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