Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Taxonomic reassessment of the treehopper tribe Talipedini with nomenclatural changes and descriptions of new taxa (Hemiptera: Membracidae: Membracinae)

M. Sakakibara, Albino

The tribe Talipedini Deitz is redefined and its boundaries are expanded with the inclusion of the following taxa: Erechtia Walker, 1858 (formerly placed in Membracini), Pseuderechtia gen. nov. (type species: Leioscyta neivai Fonseca, 1941), and Talipes Deitz, 1975 gen. reval. (formerly junior synonym of Trinarea Goding, 1926, the latter herein considered new synonym of Erechtia). Along with these taxonomic rearrangements, some nomenclatural changes are also introduced. The species treated in this paper are: Erechtia gibbosa (DeGeer, 1773), E. carinata (Funkhouser, 1922) comb. nov., E. cristalta sp. nov. (type locality: French Guyana, Saül), E. diminuta sp. nov. (type locality: Brazil, Pará, Marituba), E. elongatula sp. nov. (type locality: French Guyana, Montagne des Chevaux), E. sallaei (Fowler, 1894), and E. sanguinolenta (Fairmaire, 1846); Pseuderechtia neivai (Fonseca, 1941) comb. nov. = Leioscyta similis Fonseca & Diringshofen, 1969 syn. nov.; Talipes appendiculatus (Fonseca, 1936) comb. rest. and T. fenestratus (Strümpel, 1974) comb. nov. Due to the inclusion of Erechtia in Talipedini, Tropidoscyta Stål, 1869 is reinstated (in Membracini), and 24 species previously included in Erechtia are considered as incertae sedis within Membracini. A key to genera and new distribution records of the treated taxa are also provided.

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