Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Seven new species of Cerambycidae (Coleoptera) from South America with the proposal of three new genera

R. Martins, UbirajaraHelena M. Galileo, Maria

The following new species are described - Cerambycinae, Sydacini: Sydax flechtmanni sp. nov. from Brazil (São Paulo); Eburiini: Ebrodacrys biffipradorum sp. nov. from Brazil (Roraima); - Lamiinae, Pteropliini: Ataxia piauiensis sp. nov. from Brazil (Piuaí); Calliini: Amucallia carbonaria sp. nov. from French Guiana; A. citrina sp. nov. from Guiana. Also in Lamiinae, two new genera of Onciderini are proposed. Ubytyra gen. nov., type species U. tuberosa sp. nov. from Peru (Junin) e Japi gen. nov., type species J. duartei sp. nov., from Brazil (São Paulo); Ubytyra gen. nov. can be distinguished by the sides of prothorax with long central spine rounded at apex, and this new feature among Onciderini is discussed. Japi gen. nov., is characterized by a fringe of long hairs on the inner side of antennomere III, present only in species from North and Central America, and gender comparison of these species is done and discussed. In Hemilophini, Pseudotacocha gen. nov., type species P. magnifica sp. nov. from Peru (Cuzco), are described. The new genera can be distinguished by eyes well developed, elytra with two carinae and the apices outer with short spine; a comparison with related genera is done.

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