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A new fossil subfamily of Bethylidae (Hymenoptera) from the Early Cretaceous Lebanese amber and its phylogenetic position

O. Azevedo, CelsoAzar, Dany

A new subfamily, a new genus and a new species of Bethylidae are described and illustrated from a single individual in Early Cretaceous amber from central Lebanon. Lancepyrinae subfam. nov. represented by Lancepyris opertus gen. and sp. nov. present a mosaic of features common among several bethylid subfamilies. The new taxon is easily distinguished from related taxa mainly by the forewing venation, which has an unusual combination of closed lanceolate marginal cell, Rs+M tubular and well pigmented and M+RS angled. Phylogenetic analysis including indicates that Lancepyris opertus gen. and sp. nov. is a sister group of all subfamilies that have Coleoptera as hosts. A checklist of the 45 known fossil bethylid species is provided.

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