Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

New species of Cyamops (Diptera: Opomyzoidea: Periscelididae) from the old and new world tropics

Rung, AlessandraAle-Rocha, Rosaly

Two new species of Cyamops Melander are described, one from the Afrotropical and one from the Neotropical Region. The newly described species are (type locality in parenthesis): Cyamops mathisi sp. nov. (Province Fianarantsoa, Madagascar) and Cyamops manauensis sp. nov. (state of Amazonas, Brazil). Both species can be separated from congeners based on characters of the male genitalia, particularly the shape of the surstyli. A new country, the Ivory Coast, is added to the distribution records of Cyamops nigeriensis, previously known only from Nigeria and Namibia. Updated keys to the Afrotropical and Neotropical species of the genus are also given.

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