Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Identification key to the Gerridae (Insecta: Heteroptera: Gerromorpha) from the Amazon River floodplain, Brazil, with new records for the Brazilian Amazon

F. F. Moreira, FelipeP. Alecrim, VivianiR. I. Ribeiro, JoséL. Nessimian, Jorge

Eighteen species from seven genera are recorded from the Amazon River floodplain, Brazil. An identification key, diagnoses, drawings, and taxonomic and biological notes are given for these species. The main features used in the identification key and diagnoses are: body and leg segments proportions, coloration patterns, presence and distribution of setae, and modifications of the apical abdominal segments and external genitalia of the male. Based on material collected in the floodplain streams and lakes, Cylindrostethus bassleri Drake, 1952 is recorded for the first time from Brazil, and new municipality records are presented for Brachymetra lata Shaw, 1933, B. shawi Hungerford & Matsuda, 1957, C. erythropus (Herrich-Schäffer, 1850), C. linearis (Erichson, 1848), C. Palmaris Drake & Harris, 1934, C. regulus (White, 1879), Neogerris lotus (White, 1879), N. lubricus (White, 1879), N. visendus (Drake & Harris, 1934), Ovatametra obese Kenaga, 1942, Rheumatobates crassifemur esakii Schroeder, 1931, R. klagei Schroeder, 1931, and Trepobates taylori (Kirkaldy, 1899). Additional new records from the Brazilian Amazon are presented for B. lata and O. obesa.

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