Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

The use of the point count method for bird survey in the Atlantic forest

H. Volpato, GrazieleV. Lopes, EdsonB. Mendonça, LucianaBoçon, RobertoV. Bisheimer, MariaP. Serafini, Patríciados Anjos, Luiz

The point count method has been widely used in tropical forest for sampling bird communities. In the present study, we investigated if data on richness and abundance acquired using the point count method are different comparing spring/summer (breeding season) and fall/winter (non-breeding season) in three types of the Brazilian Atlantic forest. Twelve sites were sampled seasonally during one year. In general we recorded more species and individuals during the breeding seasons. However, bird communities vary seasonally among the forest types and functional groups. We demonstrate that the use of point counts in tropical forest should be adjusted considering the differences in forest types and feeding guilds.

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