Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Effect of photoperiod on intestinal microbiota and circadian rhythm, and its influence on performance, the immune system and the welfare of broiler chickens

Oliveira e Alvarenga, BauerBiavatti, Adrieli MacanhãoFerreira, Antonio J. Piantino

The intestinal microbiota of broiler chickens still reserves a great amount of secrets and mysteries. However, it is known that it acts directly on the host's health, but that it is also influenced by several factors, among them the light. Due to the importance of the world production of birds, this review of literature had the objective to shelter the most recent studies, which relate the photoperiod and the circadian rhythm, with the intestinal microbiota, the zootechnical performance, the immune system and the welfare of broiler chickens. Describing in a single work the existence of a bilateral relationship between the intestinal microbiota, the immune system and its host, and that can be directly influenced by light management.(AU)

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