Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 68-84

Investigation of stress in primates maintained in zoo and its main implications on behavior and well-being

Conceição, Maria GabriellaConceição, Sandra Maria Da Penha

Brazil is considered the country which holds the largest number of known primate species. At captives without environmental enrichment program, especially in zoos, it is common for the animals to be easily discouraged from captive life, being bound to develop chronic stress condition. This review aimed to provide veterinary professionals and students with updated bibliography on stress in zoo captive primates, focusing on reactions resulting from these changes, as well as their implications for behavior and well-being. Integrative literature review using descriptors "Captivity", "Stress", "Primates", "Zoos" and "Wellbeing", on the main scientific research bases. The present work highlighted stress responses and its consequences on primate’s health and behavior captive in zoo through bibliographic survey, performing selected articles analysis, results interpretation, and discussion. It is concluded behavioral profile individual variations expose primates differently to stressful conditions. Public visitation, lack of structure, reduced enclosure, improper nutritional management, and unstimulated environment may be potential stress sources for some housed primates in zoo.(AU)

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