Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 2679-2684

Influence of Ringers lactated solution in continuous infusion and general anesthesia on hematocrit in dogs

Luizari Guedes, RogérioSouza Paiva Castro, VerônicaEinloft Palma, HeloísaBarbalho Hungria, CarolinaPosser Simeoni, CarolinaDuarte, MartaLuis Pippi, NeyTriches Dornbusch, Peterson

The measurement of serum parameters during general anesthesia procedures are subject to variations due to differences in protocol, splenic storage, and by the instituted fluid therapy. The aim of this study was to assess the hematocrit changes promoted by controlled fluid therapy and general anesthesia. Six mongrel female dogs underwent an anesthetic protocol with acepromazine (0.03 mg kg-1) and tramadol (5 mg kg-1) for premedication, induction with propofol (3 mg kg-1), and maintained with isoflurane and mechanical ventilation for 120 minutes. After induction, they were infused with 10 ml kg hr-1 of Ringers lactate solution. Hematocrit measurements were performed from the start until 72 hours from anesthesia and evaluated statistically to check if there were significant changes over time. The fluid therapy, the acepromazine and propofol in the anesthetic protocol promotes a significant reduction of hematocrit up to four hours after general anesthesia.

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