Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 2829-2838

Determinants consumers preferences for milk in Maranhão, Brazil

Martins Castro, FranciscoFirmino da Silva, ZinaldoBarbosa Machado Sampaio, IvanGalba da Silva Tenório, Taciana

In cities with different population profiles and marketing, cultural aspects can prevail in a purchase decision. The milk markets are different in the cities of Chapadinha, Imperatriz, and São Luís, Maranhão State, Brazil. To study milk consumption semi-structured questionnaires were filled among consumers in order to register their habits and preferences during the dry and rainy seasons. Socioeconomic and cultural data of the consumers and aspects referring to the milk type consumed were considered. The results from 2,134 respondents were treated using descriptive statistics and the chi-squared test. The consumption and preference for milk type differed (P 0.01) between the cities. Higher proportions of milk drinkers were found in Chapadinha and São Luís compared to Imperatriz. The inhabitants of Chapadinha, São Luís, and Imperatriz preferred powdered, UHT, and pasteurized milk, respectively. Powdered milk was chosen in Chapadinha due to price and convenience (P 0.001). The milk types in São Luís (UHT) and Imperatriz (pasteurized) were chosen to ensure the populations health. The differences in the purchasing power of the inhabitants, dairy farming traditions, and milk types offered at each site explains the varied consumption behavior. Disclosing information to the public about the nutritional and health aspects of formal milk must take into account the regional divers

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