Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1977-1988

Centesimal composition and physicochemical parameters of meat from santa inês lambs fed with passion fruit peel

Leal dos Santos-Cruz, CristianeRamon Olalquiaga Pérez, JuanRamos Lima, ThiagoAlbert Carvalho da Cruz, ChristianCrisanto Carvalho da Cruz, BraulioSoares Junqueira, Rodrigo

The objective was to determine the centesimal composition and some physicochemical parameters in the longissimus lumborum muscle from non castrated Santa Ines lambs, fed diets containing different proportions of passion fruit peel, in the following treatments: T1: 100% elephant grass, T2: 90% elephant grass + 10% dried passion fruit peel, T3: 80% elephant grass + 20% dried passion fruit peel, T4: 70% elephant grass + 30% dried passion fruit peel based on the elephant grass natural matter. The inclusion of 30% passion fruit peel in the diet of Santa Inez lambs turned the meat less intensely red (a = 7.40) but with a stronger hue (h = 59.75) than that resulting from the 10% addition. The water retention capacity was higher in the meat of lambs fed 30% passion fruit peel, as well as, shear force (0.50) and pH (6.40), but these values are adequate to assure quality. Protein content, minerals and energy did not change, but neither did their values fall below the level desired by industry. Lipid content was higher in the meat of lambs fed 20% of passion fruit peel. Therefore, the inclusion of 30% of passion fruit peel in the silage of growing Santa Inês lambs is recommended, because it improves the quality and nutritional parameters of the meat.

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