Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 817-822

Caudal brain infarctions in a kitten – case report

Gomes, Lucas AlécioPereira, Giórgio QueirozMelo, Vítor Solano deHeadley, Selwyn Arlington

Stroke is uncommon in animals compared with humans because of the lower incidence of atherosclerosis and primary hypertension. However with advanced imaging, vascular disease is being recognized with increasing frequency in veterinary medicine. Cerebrovascular disease can be subdivided into infarction and hemorrhage, although the two categories overlap in the case of hemorrhagic infarcts. The aim of thisarticle is to report the neurological manifestations associated with stroke (infarctions) in at two-month old, domestic shorthair cat. Neurological evaluation revealed head tilt, tetraparesis, proprioceptive deficits in all four limbs, and decreased pupillary light reflex. Further, manifestations of neurological dysfunctions were acute and progressive. At the necropsy, grossly there were hemorrhage and necrosis at mid-brain and cerebellum. Histopathology confirmed liquefactive necrosis at the mid-brain and cerebellum. The neurological manifestations associated with the pathological findings are suggestive of an anoxic infarction probably due to vascular occlusion.

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