Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 701-708

Microbiology quality in continuous water flow fish ponds

Fernandes Macedo, CarlaAugusto Amaral, LuizHelena Sipaúba-Tavares, Lúcia

The study verified sanitary aspects in fish ponds with sequential disposal and the effect of the tanks effluent in parallel in the system. Six fish ponds were studied in the dry and the rainy periods and were analyzed microbiological aspects (thermo tolerant coliforms, total coliforms and heterotrophic bacteria), DBO5 and DQO. It had contamination in the water of supplying for thermo tolerant coliforms, either of human or animals, compromising all the fish ponds studied with sanitary indices undesirable and representing risk in the cultivation of fish. It was found a great contamination of thermo tolerant coliforms, total coliforms, and heterotrophic bacteria in the period of rains with significant differences for DBO5 and total coliforms variables in relation to the showed periods. The high temperatures and the waters of draining had favored the high level of coliforms and heterotrophic bacteria in the period of rains. Through the results was concluded that the parallel tanks and the rainy period had had greater influence that the proper sequential disposal of the fisheries.

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