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The relationship between Fusarium head blight traits, thousand-kernel weight, and yield in winter wheat

Jevti, RadivojeSkenderovi, Ninaupunski, VesnaLaloevi, MirjanaOrbovi, BrankaMairevi, Stevan

ABSTRACT: Factors influencing Fusarium head blight (FHB) occurrence and yield losses in winter wheat have extensively been studied through the years; however, reports on the relationship between FHB traits and yield are conflicting. In addition, studies neglected the relationship between FHB traits and thousand-kernel weight (TKW). This study evaluated the variability in the relationship between FHB traits, TKW, and yield under field conditions, using 40 commercial winter wheat cultivars differing in resistance/susceptibility to FHB. In general, the FHB index had greater relation to yield, while Fusarium-damaged kernels (FDK) was more related to TKW. The relationship between yield, TKW, FHB index, and FDK was also determined by resistance/susceptibility of winter wheat cultivars. Fusarium-damaged kernels influenced yield more in moderately resistant (R2 = 43 %) than in susceptible/moderately susceptible cultivars (R2 = 27 %). The influence of the FHB index on TKW was weak (R2 = 9 %) in susceptible/moderately susceptible cultivars and in moderately resistant ones (R2 = 1 %). The potential to predict TKW from yield under pathogen pressure was limited due to the moderate-to-positive correlation between yield and TKW (r = 0.349, p 0.001). This study provides insights into factors that influence TKW under FHB pathogen pressure and gives direction to more efficient and reliable investigations on grain resistance toward FHB.

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