Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Least limiting water range, S-index and compressibility of a Udalf under different management systems

Lima, Cláudia Liane Rodrigues deDupont, Patrícia BiancaPillon, Clenio NailtoMiola, Ezequiel Cesar Carvalho

Agricultural areas in the region of Turuçu, on the Southeast Hillside in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil present many examples of soil physical degradation. Accordingly, strategies aimed at evaluating and ameliorating the structural quality of soils should be developed to ensure the sustainable use of these areas. This study aimed to evaluate the least limiting water range (LLWR), S-index, compressibility parameters, organic carbon and the organic matter granulometric fractions of a Udalf under different agricultural uses. Soil samples with disturbed and non-disturbed structure from the 0.00 to 0.10 m layer were collected on farms in the Southeast Hillside, Turuçu region, RS, for analyzing soil under: i) conventional system of corn after tobacco crop, (CT); ii) conventional system of corn after native field (CNF), iii) native field (NF) and iv) native area (NA). Both the CT and the CNF systems had a negative influence on the values of bulk density, soil porosity, least limiting water range, compressibility parameters and total organic carbon, coarse fraction carbon and carbon associated with minerals.(AU)

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