Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 334-342

N2O-reducing activity of soil amended with organic and inorganic enrichments under flooded conditions

Ksiopolska, AlicjaWodarczyk, TeresaBrzeziska, MagorzataSzarlip, PawePazur, Marek

Changes, apparent after investigation, in the physical and chemical properties in soil, as a result of organic and inorganic enrichments under flooded conditions, influence the growth of denitrifiers. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of the addition of manure (8 kg m2) (M), clay (50 kg m2) (CL) and lime (1.12 kg m2) (Ca) on the N2O-reducing activity (N2O-RA) of sandy loam soil (clay content - 24 % in 0-20 cm), during NO3 reduction under flooding. The soil samples were taken from field plots after 3 years of enrichment with grass cultivation. The enrichments had a distinct effect on the N2O-RA and N2O-released, due to the change in pH, the porosity, and the sorptive properties of the soil. The pH had the greatest impact on the N2O-RA of the soil and ranged from 4.9 to 7.6. For actual denitrification to N2O-realized (aD-N2O), the maximum N2O-releasing (mcN2O-releasing) followed the order: 1.36 for the M-treatment, 6.39 for the M+CL+Ca-treatment, 7.79 for the c-soil and 8.69 N2O-N mg kg1 for the M+CL-treatment. For actual denitrification (aD), the mcN2O-releasing was followed the order: 10.37 for the M-treatment, 10.49 for the control soil, 14.60 for the M+CL+Ca-treatment and 20.00 N2O-N mg kg1 for the M+CL-treatment. The N2O-RA of the soil samples increased as pH increased. The average N2O/N2+N2O ratio and the N2O-RA of the soil samples increased in the following order: M+CL, control soil, M+CL+Ca, M-enrichments. The addition of enrichments did not pose a threat to the environment due to increased N2O emissions, but as regards conserving NO3 in the soil, the addition of clay distinctly increased the complete denitrification process.(AU)

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