Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 285-290

Salinomycin and virginiamycin for lactating cows supplemented on pasture

Oliveira, Isis Scatolin deSousa, Daniel de PaulaQueiroz, Augusto Cesar deMacedo, Bruna GomesNeves, Camila GarciaBianchi, Isabela EloisaTeobaldo, Ronyatta Weich

Animals on pasture generally show higher feed efficiency as a result of the use of antibiotics. This study evaluated the effect of the antimicrobials salinomycin and/or virginiamycin on production and the ruminal parameters of supplemented dairy cows grazing on Panicum maximum cv. Tanzania. Twelve Holstein/Zebu multiparous cows were used, distributed in three Latin squares, one for the evaluation of ruminal parameters, and the others for production parameters. Cows on pasture were fed 50 % of their estimated intake with corn silage and concentrate supplements containing salinomycin, virginiamycin or a combination of additives, in doses of 120 and 150 mg kg1, respectively. There were no differences in milk production and composition, energy and nitrogen balance, dry matter digestibility and feeding behavior. However, salinomycin and virginiamycin each reduced pasture and total dry matter intake by about 14 % and 10 %, with a consequent improvement in feed efficiency.(AU)

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