Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 723-727

Elaboração e análise sensorial de pão caseiro com reduzido teor de cloreto de sódio e acrescido de condimentos como alternativa para pacientes hipertensos

Stein, JanaínaSchmidt, Helena de Oliveira SantosOliveira, Viviani Ruthy de

The present study aimed at preparing condiment-added homemade breads and containing low amount of sodium, and also to evaluate their acceptance aspects. This study was performed as an experimental investigation, and the sensory parameters were evaluated by 50 non–trained tasters. The bread samples were prepared with reduced sodium contents and adding condiments, such as: basil, sage and onion, as an alternative. Three elaborated samples were analyzed on sensory characteristics by using an appropriate hedonic scale, based on the points from 1 to 9 for measuringthe following attributes: appearance, flavor, odor and texture. The basil and onion-added breads showed statistically significant differences, and these samples demonstrated the highest acceptance in all of the sensorial attributes. According to the sensory characteristics, the condiments were well accepted as a dietotherapy approach and to be used as an alternative, not only for hypertension treatment, but also for the general population to promote better life quality by making use of healthful nourishment habits.(AU)

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