Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Desenvolvimento do blastocisto em ratas (Rattus norvegicus Berkenhout, 1769) tratadas com extrato de jarsin (Hypericum perforatum L., 1753)

Barbosa do Espírito Santo Borges, Natháliade Oliveira Guerra, MarthaLas Casas, LucimarMaria Peters, Vera

The Jarsin extract (Hypericum perforatum L., 1753), is used as an alternative of the synthetic antidepressants. The are few paper concerning the reproductive toxicology of Jarsin extract and none related to the early embryonic development. The present work was aimed at verifying the effect of Jarsin extract, on the blastocyst development in Wistar rats. Female rats from the Centro de Biologia da Reprodução vivarium were mated with fertile males. After the insemination, the femalerats were randomly distributed in two groups: Control (0.5 ml ofdistilled water) and treated (18mg of H. perforatum/0.5 ml of distilled water). Both groups received the treatment by oral gavage, twice a day from the first to the fourth day of gestation. The animals were terminated on the fifth day of gestation. The oviduct and uterine cornua were flushedwith Talpe-Hepes medium and the embryos were collected, counting and their morphologic development performed. The dams were evaluated to clinical signs indicative of maternal intoxication (deaths, altered locomotion in the cage, piloerection, diarhoea, vaginal bleeding, reducedfood consumption and body weight gain or loss). Maternal ovary weight was measured and the number of corpora lutea was counted. The data were analyzed by the Students t test (a = 0,05). No clinical indicative of maternal intoxication were observed. The number of embryos and

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