Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Current state of knowledge of Cestodes from Neotropical freshwater fishes and rays

Arandas Rego, Amilcar

The author analyses the distribution of Cestodes in freshwater fishes and rays in Neotropic. Nearly one hundred and twenty species of cestodes from five orders and one subclasse are known in Neotropical region, especially from Brazilian rivers. Proteocephalidea is the principal Order in number of species. These are parasites of freshwater teleosts. Tetraphyllidea species are found in freshwater sting rays of family Potamotrygonidae. In these rays were also referred a species of Trypanorhyncha, Paroncomega araya. The Pseudophyllidea Senga sp. and cysticercoid larvae of the Cyclophyllidea, Valipora campylancristrota, were also referred in teleost, besides proteocephalids. From carps, Cyprinus carpia, it was found specimens of Caryophyllidea. Finally, two cestodarian species, Nesolecithus janicki and Schizochoerus liguloideu, are found in primitive osteoglossid fishes,Arapaima gigas, from the Amazon.

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