Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Interações biológicas entre moluscos na praia de Arroio Teixeira, RS

Maria Gil, GuaciraWillibaldo Thomé, José

Biological interactions were studied among four species of mollusc on the beach at Arroio Teixeira, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Samples were collected monthly for 12 months. Biological interactions were initially evaluated by Factor Analysis, obtaining by this means a small number of combinations starting with the set of variables monthly abundance of the different species. Later the correlation index of the species abundancies was determined. The correlation index (r= -0.6702) and the level of significance (p= 0.017) obtained between the gastropod Buccinanops duartei Klappenbach, 1961 and the bivalve Donax hanleyanus Philippi, 1847 demonstrate the close relationshsip existing between the two species.

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