Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Freqüência, constância, riqueza e similaridade da ictiofauna da bacia do rio Curuá-Una, Amazônia

Vieira, Ivanzir

Quantitative information on fish communities of the Curuá-Una river basin and reservoir was obtained from Dec./1977 to May/1978. The fishes were collected monthly using gill-nets with different mesh sizes at 7 stations above, into e below the reservoir. The 3,052 fish sampled were compared using the frequency, constancy, richness and similarity. The results showed a dominance of carnivorous fishes in the reservoir, while omnivorous and herbivorous were more numerous in the lotic stations. The accidental species seems to be more numerous than accessory and constant. Lower species richness occurred in the reservoir. The similarity analysis showed an ancient separation of fauna above and below the dam. Sampling methods is still discussed.

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