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Alterações químicas induzidas por coccídeos galhadores (Coccoidea, Brachyscelidae) em folhas de Rollinia laurifolia Schdtl. (Annonaceae)

L.G. Soares, GeraldoM.S. Isaias, RosyJ.M.R. Gonçalves, SamuelC.S. Christiano, Jaciara

Gall forming coccids (Coccoidea, Brachyscelidae) attack leaves of Rollinia laurifolia SCHDTL. (Annonaceae). Chemical changes due to cecidogenesis are not well known. Plant species of Annonaceae produce several derivatives of chiquimic acid, nevertheless, references on the isolation of flavonoids in this plant family are rare. This study presents the analyses of the ethanolic extracts of leaves of R. laurifolia with and without galls by thin layer chromatography (TLC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The analysis by TLC detected flavonoid derivatives in both extracts. Therefore, the extract of leaves with galls exhibited a larger number of detectable substances. The chromatographic profile (HPLC) of the extracts revelead enormous differences in the chemical pattern of the analysed samples. The extractof healthy leaves presented more polar substances, while the extracts of the leaves with galls exhibited a qualitative increase in less polar derivatives. The present results indicate that flavonoids are good biochemical markers for changes induced by gall forming coccids in R. laurifolia.

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