Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Avaliação do comportamento de escape e migração de ciliados Isotriquidae no sistema rúmem-retículo de bovinos

Majela Moraes Salvio, GeraldoDAgosto, Marta

The protozoa were the first microorganisms identified in the rumen, but their importance to the animals has not been well defined yet. Some authors consider them as a protein source for the host, as they are digested in the stomach cavity. Such observation is, however, argued by other authors who have observed the existence of the retention of entodinomorphids ciliates in the rumen and the escapebehaviour of isotrichids ciliates to the walls of the reticulum moments after the digestion. The present work had the objective of presenting evidences about the escape behaviour of isotrichids in the rumen-reticulum system of bovines evaluating the relation between this genus and the population types found. 45 ml of rumen and reticulum content from 30 animals killed in Além Paraíba MG, were collected. Temperature and pH were measured during sampling and later the samples were analysed in a laboratory. The results show that the rumen and reticulum environments are rather stable with an average temperature ranging from 36 to 37ºC and pH 6.5. It also demonstrate a predominance of entodinomorphids not only in the rumen but also in the reticulum. A minor difference has been observed in the Isotrichidae when considering the reticulum. In respect to the escape of Isotrichidae, the data strengthen this idea, since there was a remarkable increase of Isotrichidae in the reticulum when compared t

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