Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 261-269

Genetic profile of Holstein and Jersey dairy bull lines available in Brazil

Gaya, Leila de GenovaCucco, Diego de CórdovaLorentz, Leandro HomrichSoares, Marcio PereiraBatistel, FernandaTiciani, ElvisCapelesso, AlsianeRovadoscki, Grégori AlbertoTarôco, GrazielaMadureira, Ana PaulaPértile, Simone Fernanda NedelZabot, ValdireneDomenico, Quêti di

The Holstein and Jersey dairy cattle breeds are among the most prevalent in Brazil. To evaluate differences among the PTAs (predicted transmitting abilities) of these breeds and their lines, data were collected on 385 Holstein bulls and 82 Jersey sires with semen commercially available from nine Brazilian companies. Three different sire lines for each breed were found. The general linear models method was used for the comparison among lines and between breeds. The two most prevalent lines of Holstein breed presented higher average PTAs for milk yield (1,061.04 pounds and 975.32 pounds) and lower PTAs for percentage of milk solids (from -0.05% to -0.0003%)(AU)

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