Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Serological survey of "Anaplasma" sp. in sheep from State of Alagoas, Brazil

Araújo Cabral, DaniloRibeiro Araújo, FlábioAlberto do Nascimento Ramos, CarlosCamara Alves, LeucioJosé Nascimento Porto, WagnnerAparecida da Gloria Faustino, Maria

In Brazil, information concerning anaplasmosis in small ruminants is scarce. In this paper, it is shown an epidemiological survey of Anaplasma sp. in sheep from three micro-regions (Sertão, Zona da Mata and Agreste) of Alagoas, Northeast of Brazil, by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay - ELISA with recombinant major surface protein - MSP5 of Anaplasma marginale. The frequency of seropositive sheep was 8.92% (20/224). Among regions, frequencies were: Sertão - 6.89% (2/29), Zona da Mata 10.46% (18/172), and Agreste 0% (0/23). Differences in the frequencies of seropositive sheep were not statistically significant. However, the lower frequencies were detected in the semi-arid micro-regions (Sertão and Agreste), possibly, due to the unsuitable climatic conditions for the development of tick vectors. These findings point to the need of further studies, to elucidate epidemiological and economic aspects of sheep anaplasmosis in the region.

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