Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 116-120

Penectomia parcial como tratamento de paralisia crônica secundária a hematoma peniano em um equino – relato de caso

Nieman, Rodrigo TavaresCrusco, Silvia EdelweissSouza, Renan Dias deMaiello, GianePereira, Juliana SantosDiniz, Gabriela SibaldoMoraes, Ana Paula Lopes

The present study reports the case of a 10-year-old American Trotter stallion, presenting edematous lesion along the body of the penis which presented ventrocaudal deviation associated with abrasive injury foci and dysfunction of retraction movement towards the preputial cavity, with clinical and ultrasonographic diagnosis of generalized penile hematoma. Initial clinical treatment was based on anti-inflammatory therapy, massage, cold hydrotherapy alternating with warm compresses for 5 consecutive days, but without significant improvement of the lesion. It was decided to perform the partial penectomy technique with skin and fascia triangular shaped incision in the ventral aspect of the penis followed by urethroplasty. The animal was discharged from the hospital 15 days after the procedure, with normal frequency and aspect of urination, in addition to returning to the function of exposure and retraction of the penis. The option for the partial penectomy surgical technique proved to be an efficient alternative, being a procedure to consider in the treatment of hematoma associated with chronic penile paralysis.(AU)

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