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Aeromonas species research in samples of water and beef obtained at industrial level

Durival Rossi Júnior, Oswaldolacir lacir lacir lacirAugusto Amaral, LuizMagalhães Barbosa, Andrea

The presence of bacteria of the genus Aeromonas infood of animal origin has been demonstrated by severalauthors. Among the most often cited foods are those which,during their preparation, come into contact with water whichis considered to be the habitat of different species and themajor source of food contamination. Thus, in arder to determinethe occurrence of bacteria of the genusAeromonas in an abattoir where cattle is slaughtered andbeef is processed, 20 samples of the water supply, 20samples of residual water from carcass washing, and 20samples of meat, were analyzed. The results showed theoccurrence of aeromonads in 40% of the samples of residualwater from carcass washing, represented only bythe species A. caviae, and in 25% of the meat samples(A. hydrophila in 15% andA. caviae in 1 0%). The fact thatno aeromonads were isolated from the water supplysamples suggests the existence of other sources of beef contamination.

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