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Influence of different digital diseases in lameness of dairy cows in southwest of the state of Goiás

rioogérioogérioogérioAloísio Scalla Vulcani, ValcinirJosé Ferreira de Sant'ana, FabianoRocha de Oliveira Lima, CarolineSabine Rabbers, AndressaAlmeida Helrigel, PanmeraDias, Marcia

The type of podal lesion varies according to the disease and several factors may be considered as determinants of high prevalence in breeding stocks. It severity is often attributed to the extension of the lesion and the impairment of structures that compose the hoof. However, clinically, it is noted that digital lesions that appear to a have mild or moderate tissue impairment area are identified as causing severe lameness in cattle. It is worth noting that the economic losses caused by this disease often go unnoticed by producers, a fact that is worrying, since the values are generally high. The objective with this paper was the analysis of epidemiological data of podal diseases in dairy cows, evaluating the influence of the different types and severity of those lesions, correlating them to the type and degree of lameness. The work was conducted in the Southwest of the State of Goiás in ten dairy farms and 190 Holstein, Jersey and mixed breed cows affected by different digital lesions were used. Scores for lameness and podal diseases were established. The data allowed to point out that digital dermatitis was the disease with higher incidence and the right pelvic limb, the most affected. In addition, digital lesions that are usually considered severe are not always responsible for severe lameness. 

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