Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 2-3

Dermatophytes in household cats and dogs

Maria Beraldo, RosaKiill Gasparoto, AlanMartins de Siqueira, AntonioLatercia Tranches Dias, Amanda

The dermatophytes constitute a group of filamentous fungi that can colonize keratinized tissues of human beings andanimals, causing dermatophytic lesions. Given the frequent occurrence of dermatophytosis in urban centers and the role ofpets in the spread of fungi to man, it was decided to isolate and identify dermatophytes from skin scales collected fromhousehold cats and dogs sent to veterinary clinics in Alfenas city, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. The clinical material was collectedfrom the areas of the head, back and abdomen of 40 cats and 40 dogs. The isolation of dermatophytes occurred in 13 dogs(32.5%) and 14 cats (35%), and only two (7.4%) animals presented lesions of dermatophytosis. Literature available datashows the occurrence of considerable number of asymptomatic carrier animals but potential transmitters of dermatophytosis.The fungi were identified as Microsporum canis (52.2%), Microsporum gypseum (14.9%) and species of the genus Trichophyton(31.9%). M. canis was the predominant species among cats (67.8%) and Trichophyton spp among dogs (57.9%). The highprobability of human infection, the treatment cost and difficulties associated with control measures in cases of dermatophytosispoint to the need and importance of this study.

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