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Viability of extended canine semen cooled and storage in a transport container for overnight delivery

Eduardo Ferreira de Almeida, LuizRicardo Costa dos Santos, Marcio

This study was carried out in order to evaluate the viability of sperm from extended canine semen, cooled and stored at 4oC for24 and 48 hours in a special transport container. The males were stud dogs from different breeds, housed in Niterói and Rio deJaneiro, with an average age of 2.26 years. The examinations were performed in the Animal Assisted Reproduction Laboratory(Reproscenter) at the Veterinary Faculty of UFF. Preliminary breeding soundness of ten dogs gave good results and allowed theanimals to be used in the experiment. The averages for the quality of semen immediately after collection were 2 ml/volume, 6.5pH; 84.5% motility; 4.2 (RFM); 117.10x106/ml concentration; 91.70% total live sperm cells (sptz) and 74.7% normal Sptz. After 24hours of cooling the averages were 79.0% motility; 4.3 (RFM); 86.9% total live sptz; and after 48 hours, 73% motility; 4.2 (RFM);79.7% total live Sptz. The laboratory prepared used extender allowed the sperm to survive for more than 48 hours after collectionfrom the stud dog. As soon as the semen is collected, evaluated and placed in the extender, it can then be shipped in this specialcontainer, cooled at 4o C, for overnight delivery. Data of this experiment provides guidelines to perform a technique using freshcooled canine semen, storage at 4o C, during 48 hours, in a shipping container.

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