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Histomorphometry of epithelial structures of the mares endometrium

Duna Mansour, GeórgiaMaria Reis Ferreira, AnaTavares Fernandes, FlávioHenry, Marc

The aim of this study was to analyze through histomorphometry, epithelial structures of the mares endometrium classifiedaccording to Kenney and Doig (1986). Histomorphometric analysis of the luminal and glandular epithelial cell heights, glandularlumen diameter, glandular density, percentage of glands with apparent lumen and with intraluminal secretion, and a descriptiveanalysis of the endometrium was made in 65 endometrial biopsies. Samples were collected during estrus (n=30) and diestrus(n=35), fixed in Bouins solution, embedded in paraffin HxE and classified according to Kenney and Doig (1986) categories.Groups of IIa category obtained the greatest medium cell heights for luminal and glandular epithelium, and groups of III categoryobtained the smallest values, during estrus and diestrus. The medium heights of luminal epithelium, glandular epithelium andglandular lumen diameter of samples collected during estrus were greater than those collected during diestrus. The glanddensity was greater during diestrus than estrus. This work showed that histomorphometry could improve the consistency inbiopsy evaluation by furnishing objective data.

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