Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

The effect of corn oil reduction in the diet on laying hen performance

Harms, RHRussell, GBBohnsack, CRMerkel, WD

Hy-Line W36 hens were fed diets containing zero or 6% corn oil (CO) from 26 to 38 wk of age. At 38 wk, the hens receiving the diet with 6% CO were divided into three groups. One group continued to receive the diet with 6% CO. The level of CO in the diet was reduced to zero or 3% in the other two groups. The hens previously fed the diet without CO continued to receive the control diet. Egg weight was significantly heavier when the diet contained 6% CO and was not significantly reduced when the level of CO was reduced to 3%. Egg weight from control hens was significantly lower than the EW from hens that had received CO in the diet until 38 wk but none thereafter. Hens fed the diet with CO consumed more energy than hens fed the control diet. However, when CO level was reduced to zero at 38 wk, the hens consumed less energy than hens fed the control diet. These findings indicate that the hen cannot adjust feed intake with diets based on changing energy concentration in the range from 2,783 to 3,089 kcal/kg.

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