Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 91-93

Study on the morphological development of quail embryos

Bai, J. YPang, Y. ZZhang, X. HLi, Y. X

In this study, the SWKQ series microcomputer automatic incubator was used to study the growth and development of quail in the embryonic stage. Results showed that the embryo shape of became gradually defined as embryo aged. On day 6, the head and body of quail were clearly differentiated, the legs became longer and the wings appeared. At 7 embryo age, the entire embryo of quail was very clear, and the beak has formed. During 3 to 9 days of age, quail embryos length increased quickly, showing a linearly upward trend. At 9 day old, quail embryos length reached 2.2 cm. The regression equation of embryo length to day old was curve regression, giving as following: y=-0.464+0.325x-0.004x2, y: embryo length, x: the age of the embryo.(AU)

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