Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 17-25

Effect of incubator type and broiler breeder age on hatchability and chick quality

Araújo, I. C. SLeandro, N. S. MMesquita, M. ACafé, M. BMello, H. H. CGonzales, E

Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of broiler breeder age and incubator type on hatching parameters, hatch window, embryo diagnosis results, and hatchling physical quality. The treatments consisted of a combination of three broiler breeder ages (29, 35 and 59 weeks of age) and two incubator types (single stage, SS; or and multiple stage, MS). A completely randomized design in a 3x2 factorial arrangement was applied. In Experiment I, 1,896 eggs were used and 360 eggs in Experiment II. There was an interaction between breeder age and incubator type only for hatchling physical quality score. Independently of incubator type, hatchability rate, late embryo mortality, and egg contamination were higher in the eggs laid by older breeders (59-wk-old). Early mortality (0-4 days) was higher in the embryos from young breeders (29-wk-old). A shorter hatch window birth was obtained in the SS incubator, resulting in higher hatchling body weight relative to egg weight, and better hatchling physical quality score. Both types of incubators provide good conditions for embryo development; however, the physical quality of chicks derived from eggs from intermediate-aged breeders (35-wk-old) is better when eggs are incubated in SS incubators.(AU)

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