Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Enterobacteria isolation in ostrich eggs (Struthio Camelus)

Knöbl, TCappellete, CPVigilato, MAN

This study was conducted to determine the presence of enterobacteria in the eggs of ostriches reared on a farm with a history of reproductive failure. Ninety samples from twenty eggs were submitted to bacteriological tests. The results showed Enterobacteria growth in 100% of the eggs. The microorganisms isolated were Hafnia alvei in 50% (10/20), Serratia spp. in 20% (4/20), Escherichia coli in 15% (3/20), and Citrobacter freundii in 15% (3/20). All eggs presented poor eggshell quality, which favored enterobacteria contamination. Hafnia alvei was present only in the internal egg structures (albumen and yolk sac), suggesting the possibility of vertical infection.

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