Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

Effect of inoculation route on the production of antibodies and histological characteristics of the spleen in laying hens

Eto, SFAndrade, FGPinheiro, JWBalarin, MRRamos, SPVenancio, EJ

Recent studies have reported the use of IgY antibody in the prevention or treatment of diseases in animals. IgY can be obtained in large amounts from the yolk of chicken eggs through a low-cost process. This study evaluated the effect of different routes of inoculation on antibody production and spleen morphological characteristics of laying hens (White Leghorn) inoculated with sheep red blood cells. The analysis of the results showed that the intramuscular route is the most efficient for total antibody production in the primary immune response, while the intravenous route is the most efficient in producing IgY antibodies in the secondary immune response. No histological changes were observed in the spleen of laying hens. This study could be useful for developing protocols of antigen inoculation in laying hens for IgY antibody production.

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