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Review of the genus Hovorestenia Santos-Silva (Coleoptera: Disteniidae)

Botero, Juan Pablo

Hovorestenia Santos-Silva, 2007 is a disteniid genus differentiated from other Neotropical Disteniini by the metatarsomeres II and V subequal in length, in contrast with the metatarsomere V distinctly longer than II in the other genera. So far, the genus is known only from male specimens. The discovery of new Hovorestenia species, represented by both sexes, shows that such current diagnostic character is sexually dimorphic, with metatarsomere V distinctly longer than II in female. The genus Hovorestenia is therefore reviewed and redescribed and two new species are described: H. cleideae, from Colombia and Ecuador, and H. espilota, from Colombia. It allowed to describe the hitherto unknown females and to appoint out sexually dimorphic characters for the first time in the genus. The genus is now composed of four species distributed from the central region of Colombia to Ecuador. Photographs of Hovorestenia species are included and a key to differentiate them is provided.(AU)

Papers celebrating the 80th birthday of Cleide Costa

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