Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

A contribution to the genera Plectonotum Gorham and Hyponotum Wittmer, with the description of sixteen new species from Peru (Coleoptera, Cantharidae)

Constantin, Robert

Sixteen species of Peruvian Dysmorphocerinae (Cantharidae) are described as new (regions in parenthesis): Hyponotum macrocephalum sp. nov. (Huanuco); H. succhabamba sp. nov. (Cajamarca); Plectonotum altomayo sp. nov. (Amazonas); P. amazonas sp. nov. (Amazonas); P. bicoloricolle sp. nov. (Huanuco); P. carpish sp. nov. (Huanuco); P. celendin sp. nov. (Cajamarca); P. costae sp. nov. (Cajamarca); P. huariaca sp. nov. (Pasco and Huanuco); P. huascaran sp. nov. (Ancash); P. huertoae sp. nov. (Cajamarca); P. leymebamba sp. nov. (Amazonas); P. luteipes sp. nov. (Amazonas); P. oxapampa sp. nov. (Pasco); P. rubrithorax sp. nov. (Huanuco); P. shipasbamba sp. nov. (Amazonas). A lectotype is designated for Plectonotum longissimum (Pic, 1927) for which a redescription is provided. Plectonotum ruficolleWittmer, 1988, homonym of Plectonotum ruficollePic, 1926, is renamed as Plectonotum neoruficolle nom. nov. New keys are proposed in English and Spanish for the identification of the Peruvian species of the genus Plectonotum and the South American species of the genus Hyponotum Wittmer, together with macrophotographs of habitus, details of pronotum, male genitalia and a cartographic representation of their distribution.(AU)

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