Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 1-9

Protein-species quantitative venomics: looking through a crystal ball

Calvete, Juan JPetras, DanielCalderón-Celis, FranciscoLomonte, BrunoEncinar, Jorge RuizSanz-Medel, Alfredo

In this paper we discuss recent significant developments in the field of venom research, specifically the emergence of top-down proteomic applications that allow achieving compositional resolution at the level of the protein species present in the venom, and the absolute quantification of the venom proteins (the term protein species is used here to refer to all the different molecular forms in which a protein can be found. Please consult the special issue of Jornal of Proteomics Towards deciphering proteomes via the proteoform, protein speciation, moonlighting and protein code concepts published in 2016, vol. 134, pages 1-202). Challenges remain to be solved in order to achieve a compact and automated platform with which to routinely carry out comprehensive quantitative analysis of all toxins present in a venom. This short essay reflects the authors view of the immediate future in this direction for the proteomic analysis of venoms, particularly of snakes.(AU)

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