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Symptom patterns in adult patients stung by scorpions with emphasis on coagulopathy and hemoglubinuria

Rahmani, AHJalali, A

The aim of this retrospective descriptive study was to highlight clinical manifestations 24-48 hours following referral of adult patients stung by scorpions. This study contains clinical records of 290 patients admitted to Razi Hospital due to scorpion stings in Ahvaz, Khuzestan province from 2004 to 2005. The most prevalent patient age range was 15-20 years (30.3%). The most common sting location (41.3%) was the upper extremity; nearly half (49.6%) had been admitted within 6-24 hours following sting, while a large majority (85.5%) were hospitalized for 24-48 hours. A total of 116 (40%) patients presented hemoglobinuria. Contrary to available prior reports, the symptoms in none of the patients were accompanied by neurological manifestations. Kidney manifestations (BUN, creatinine), coagulopathy and transfusion were observed in patients with blood cell lysis and hemoglobinuria. The kidney problems were seen more in patients who had been admitted more than 24 hours after the accident. Overall, the findings demonstrate that coagulation and hemoglobinuria signs produced by scorpion sting in Ahvaz differ significantly from those reported elsewhere.

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