Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 406-413

Antiviral activities of extracts and phenolic components of two Spondias species against dengue virus

Silva, A. R. AMorais, S. MMarques, M. M. MLima, D. MSantos, S. C. CAlmeida, R. RVieira, I. G. PGuedes, M. I. F

In recent years, the search for natural plant products to fight viral diseases has been increasing. In this work, two Spondias species, namely S. mombin and S. tuberosa, found in Ceará state (Brazil), and their main phenolic components were evaluated against dengue virus. In vitro antiviral tests were performed against type-2 dengue virus by the MTT method and standard cytopathic effect reduction assay in C6/36 cells. Cytotoxicity was also evaluated by MTT. The presence of phenolic compounds quercetin, rutin, and ellagic acid in plant extracts was characterized by HPLC analysis. Both Spondias species extracts and components were nontoxic to the cells whereas rutin and quercetin displayed relevant antiviral activity with IC50 of 362.68 µg/mL and 500 µg/mL, respectively.(AU)

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