Periódicos Brasileiros em Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia

p. 612-632

New additions to the scorpion fauna of Riyadh region, Saudi Arabia

Al-Asmari, A. KAl-Saief, A. AAbdo, N. MAl-Moutaery, K. R

In this work, we present additional morphological data about the scorpion fauna of Saudi Arabia. This investigation was carried out in the central region (Riyadh) of the country and identified existing and newly discovered scorpion species for taxonomic documentation while determining the medically important ones. The survey covered the entire Riyadh region, including all major districts, and collected a total of 4,164 specimens. Morphological identification of collected animals was based on identification keys. There were two species (one with a subspecies) that belonged to the family Scorpionidae, namely Scorpio maurus kruglovi (0.02 percent) and Hemiscorpius arabicus (0.05 percent). The latter, currently, is part of the Hemiscorpiidae family that had been upgraded from a subfamily. Eight more species from the Buthidae family were found: Leiurus quinquestriatus (7.20 percent), Androctonus crassicauda (17.24 percent), Androctonus bicolor (64.60 percent), Compsobuthus arabicus (3.84 percent), Compsobuthus werneri (0.94 percent), Buthacusyotvatensis nigroaculeatus (2.31 percent), Buthacusleptochelys (3.24 percent) and Orthochirus innesi (0.55 percent). The major locations of collection were the outskirts of Riyadh city and the airport vicinity. The specimens were transported from all central region areas in 124 short trips.(AU)

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